different people at a table talking

Diversity matters

At Doc events, we believe that diversity & inclusion are verbs, not nouns.

Diversity & inclusion are not mere accomplishments or boxes to check off; they are something we must strive for every day of our lives.

We are a diverse business and even small companies like us have a responsibility to work towards a more equitable and representative society. We are incredibly passionate about fostering an inclusive workplace environment that both promotes and values diversity.


2020-2021 Diversity & Inclusion Focus Areas:

– Ensure that all our future hiring’s have 50% diverse candidates

– Implement bi-monthly Diversity & Inclusion trainings required for all employees

– Increase the support of local community outreach initiatives (Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ)
– Continue supporting Diversity and Inclusion Associations (DA4S, WBENC)

– Support State University and Community Colleges D&I initiatives


As an events company, we know what it takes to make meetings accessible and enjoyable for all. As our society evolves and progresses, we make sure not to fall behind. Our meetings are always tailored to the needs of our clients and our commitments to diversity are proactive, rather than reactionary.

Doc events fights for equity, but we don’t believe it will happen overnight. We promise to strive for equity today, tomorrow, and all the days to come.


updated: March 29, 2020