We specialize in pharmaceutical and healthcare meetings, covering key domestic and global markets

Our company’s roots date back to 1991 in Europe with the mission of serving pharmaceutical clients. By 1999 we established our office in the United States to meet the needs of the US-headquartered pharma companies with subsidiaries in Europe. Our philosophy of global reach and local execution is paramount to our core philosophy. 

Key differentiators

Better value and a “zero waste” approach

we provide a better cost/service ratio, due to our agile structure and flexible project management utilizing strong negotiation skills, balancing resources and workload between our offices and using local vendors.

Agility and faster speed

We deliver when time is an issue. We consistently handle short lead times, sometimes with limited information, without compromising cost, quality and service, thanks to our experience.

20+ years domestic and international success

 We have over 20 years of experience working with pharmaceutical companies, successfully managing meetings of all types, size, location and complexity and aligning with client’s goals and industry regulations.

and more

HCP focused:

we create and foster personal relationships with Key Opinion leaders, HCP and faculty members, that are sometimes even stronger than the one they have with the life science company, through our attention to detail, white glove service, and 24/7 availability in all regions. This uniqueness place us in a position to provide a high level of personalized service to the OL, and in turn, to the client.

Diversity and sustainability enthusiast:

We are a woman owned business and we are committed to supporting small and diverse businesses who share our passion and dedication for supplying quality products and services, often at a lower cost.

We integrate environmental and social responsibility concerns into our planning, trying to reduce significant negative impacts (carbon emission, paper and food waste) and seek opportunities to leave a positive legacy that benefits the attendee and the community.

Global Compliance

We have been working in the pharma arena since 1991 in Italy and experienced first-hand the changes and scrutiny  in the regulatory environment.

We understand the importance of the interaction with healthcare providers (HCP), the changing meeting guidelines, the data collection and reporting of transfer of value (TOV) and out of pocket (OOP) within the US regulatory framework in the US and national regulations in other countries.

Strategic Meeting Management Program

We support your company in the development and implementation of a SMMP, whether in the development of the entire process or whatever is specifically relevant to your organization.

We maximize savings, improve transparency, measure the return of your investment, delivering high quality end-to-end events whether is an Investigator or  HCP’s meeting or a national sales meeting, trainings, POAs, product launches.