People dancing at a New Orleans Club

We build relationships with your clients, your team, and your members.

Meetings and events are drivers to communicate your brand message and allow you to  connect in person, bring people together, accelerate your goals, while creating a memorable experience.

Our team of veterans, with over 150 years’ experience, will provide a broad array of event services designing and producing seamless experiences to support your domestic and international needs.

Our approach

We put passion in everything we do. Our team of experts work with you to design your event starting from your concept and objectives, finding the right venue, coordinating a flawless communication and registration system, and producing a unique experience for your guests. 

Local footprint - global execution

We ensure a consistent execution of your event wherever it takes place, through our offices in the US, Europe and UAE.  Although we take advantage of high-volume buying discounts, we negotiate locally, speaking the language and knowing culturally when we can push for better discounts and ask for extras. For example we speak in Spanish in Florida, Texas, Nevada, California and negotiate at the local level when appropriate.

End-to-end event services

We manage every aspect of your event, all under one roof. We help you design any kind of event, whether it’s an association meeting, gala dinner, award ceremony, golf tour or incentive trip. We’ll handle everything from start to finish, including venue scouting and selection, third party vendors contract management, attendee management and travel, accommodation,food and beverage, and production and on-site management. 


We focus on simple and intuitive event communication.All event materials are designed to deliver your message in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We use web, mobile, and social media tools to create a storyline that will accompany your guests from the conception to the day of the event. These same tools will be integrated on-site with mobile check-in, name badging, event apps, activity monitoring, and attendee-to-attendee interactions. We also facilitate post event engagement through feedback, surveys, and social media.

Service philosophy

Service is our philosophy and way of living. Because our roots are multicultural, we mix passion with flexibility, style with efficiency, project management with improvisation, attention to detail with a “helicopter view,” attributes needed to deliver successfully on 100% of our meetings and relationships.  “We care and take care” and “More than what’s asked” are not only our philosophy of service, they make up our core values. More than taking care of our clients’ business needs, we take care of each person, we exceed expectations, going off-script, doing whatever it takes to solve their problems and make them as comfortable as possible, wherever they are.