Silvia Papini

Silvia Papini


o: (732) 805-3900 x 303

Silvia is the President of Doc events and our Social Butterfly. She has more than 20 years’ experience in business development, PR, and event management. Silvia founded our Italian office in Florence in 2008 and moved to the US in 2010. She has the ability to develop strong work relationships with individuals at all levels. Her professional background reflects extensive experience in directing, managing, assisting and hosting a wide range of functions and departmental activities globally. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.


Marta Papini

General Manager Italy

o: ‭+39 055 8498554‬

Marta is the General Manager of the Italian office. Marta, is hard-working and gets the job done. She has been organizing events globally since 2008, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her strong suit is overcoming any and all kinds of cultural and linguistic barriers. She graduated with a degree in Business Economics from the University of Florence. 


Alysse Hutchinson

Director of Operations, HMCC

o: (732) 805-3900 x 301

The Ducky one, Alysse is our Director of Operations and has been with Doc events since 2006.  With 30+ years of hands-on meeting planning experience, she has spearheaded projects ranging from small Advisory Boards to city-wide conferences such as San Diego ComicCon and the New York Marathon. She brings a level of customer service and attention to detail that is truly appreciated by our clients and attendees alike. She loves her cats George and Gracie.


Ambra Nardi

Project Manager

o: +39 055 8498554


Ambra, also known as Sporty Spice, joined the Florence office in 2017 after graduating from Carlo Bo University with a degree in languages, specializing in English and German and minoring in Russian and Spanish. Her interest in foreign languages and event management guarantees full care of our clients’ needs and expectations. She is determined to make your event or leisure trip a real success beyond logistical difficulties.


Birva Shah

Staff Accountant

o: (732) 805 3900 x 306


Birva, known as the Office Mathlete, is our Staff Accountant and manages our numbers and special projects. She joined us in June 2009 after 13+ years of experience in the accounting field. She graduated from Gujarat University in India with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. In her free time, she teaches Indian dance to young kids. She loves traveling, reading and catching up with friends and family. 

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Francesco Prandoni

COO, Co-Founder

o: (732) 805-3900 x 302


Also known as Mr. Everything, Francesco is the group COO/CFO. He brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in business development, operations and marketing . Prior to co-founding Doc Events in 1999, Francesco served in a wide variety of leadership roles as executive in corporations in the US and Europe. Francesco is passionate about soccer and was one of the founders of NY/NJ Sky Blue Soccer FC, winner of the 2009 Woman Professional Soccer league. Francesco has six kids, four girls and two little boys. He loves digital tech and photography. 


Massimo Papini


Massimo, Doc events’ chairman, has many years of experience in the business and travel industry. Massimo contributed to the start-up of the company in 1999 and held many important positions in the municipality of Florence. He was the President and COO of the Florence Conference Centre, Member of the Board of Directors of the Business Travel Congress, and President of the Florence Convention Bureau. 


Costanza Prandoni

Social Media Manager

Costanza is our Travel Maven, she has been to 13 countries in the last year and plans to visit many more. Her passions include live music, reading, and long walks. She has been working for Doc events since 2018 on top of her styling assistant duties for Thai celebrities and models. Costanza now lives between New York and Florence. She is fluent in Italian and English and graduated from the University of Michigan – Go Blue!

Stefano Rocca

Stefano Rocca

Virtual Producer

Stefano is our digital platform expert. He manages our virtual engagement tools and platforms from our New York office. He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and brings several years of experience in digital sales and customer service. He works for our sister company in the New York office and supports our virtual event management software. Stefano is a blockchain enthusiast, passionate about innovative digital products, and a true event technology believer.


Federico Sommariva

Virtual Producer

Federico graduated in Italy with a major in International Business Economics and moved to Amsterdam where he spent four years working in business development in the tech industry. Federico is based in the New York office and manages the production of Virtual events.


Lilly Jolivet

On-site Project Manager

Our Pro Decorator, Lilly is our  onsite project manager. She works from her hometown of Houston, Texas, where she lives with her beloved husband and three kids. Lilly enjoys the thrill of the onsite last minute changes, because she is creatively talented in ensuring every detail is visually appealing as well as functional.