For this event, our client’s goal was to attract as many attendees as possible to an open access party at a convention in order to celebrate the success of a new product. Expecting to have at least 400 attendees, we began planning this event 12 months in advance of the Congress.

In actuality, the event ended up having 900 attendees—more than double! We were able to accommodate this number of attendees without impacting the agreed upon fixed costs.

The venue we chose for the event was The Côte D’Azur Racetrack in Nice, France, and consisted of 3 races, in which 24 horses raced for a spot in the final race. Each horse was assigned to a specific brand, and clients from different countries were paired with professional jockeys to race on two-wheeled, two person carriages.

The attendees bet on their favorite horse/jockey, winning bottles of champagne instead of money. The evening was a success, leaving our client and attendees alike happy and full of energy.

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