The hotel selected for this product launch was one that had recently opened in the suburbs of an Italian city, so the staff was not ready to handle a group as big as ours, as we were the first group to be hosted in this hotel. Since the location could not be changed, our team came up with a solution.

Our Italian office team had a personal connection with the General Manager of the new property, so we discussed the risks with him, anticipating the hotel’s staffing challenges, and assigned extra staff from our Italian office to be onsite for the event. Our technician managed the Audio Visual for the 10 breakout sessions, we were able to communicate with the hotel staff in Italian, and we were able to negotiate with the hotel in order to receive a $30,000 credit for our client as restitution for the hotel’s lack of staff. The meeting ran smoothly, and the best part was that our client had no idea what happened behind the scenes!

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