Before planning this meeting, our client had been preparing the Investigator Meeting for months with their CRO. However, once they were ready to finalize the meeting, they realized they had not checked the availability of the VP Medical Affairs, who was only available for the following two weeks. Our challenge was to coordinate a way around this.

Our team often works with short lead times, and this was the shortest one yet. We quickly scouted hotels in the Charleston area to source a venue for the meeting. Right away we contacted the Investigators to inquire about their availability and book their flights. We made a reservation for the off-site dinner that was to take place the night before the meeting, and were left with a few days to prepare badges and signage and to ship the ancillary material.

Our Project Manager was on-site to manage the meeting and any last-minute matters that came up, as well as to assist with the meeting app we created with an electronic check-in using digital signatures. Despite the time crunch, we were able to deliver the meeting smoothly and successfully.